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Oobopopop. Go on, say it out loud! Oobopopop. It means whatever you want it to mean. For VALAIRE, it’s the sound of freedom and happiness. It’s the feeling you get when your body moves to the beat, when you put your hands together and stomp your feet. Good vibes and wide smiles! Oobopopop is a philosophy.

After being known as Misteur Valaire for a decade, the group felt it was time to simplify things, starting with their name. They dropped the “Misteur” because it had become unnecessary. Plus, most fans already called them VALAIRE for short. Now, it’s official. They also teamed up with Indica records to handle their business. After cutting their teeth in the DIY world since the very beginning, it is now time for VALAIRE to concentrate on what they do best: make great, award-winning music (two time ADISQ winners for Electronic Album of the Year; Juno and GAMIQ nominations) and create exhilarating live shows, as witnessed by more than 100,000 people at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and at numerous concerts in North America and Europe.

For this new album Oobopopop, the members of VALAIRE escaped the harsh Montreal winter in search of someplace much warmer to lay down the roots. They ended up in Louisiana where they were surrounded by funk, jazz, and everything that grooves. Every day, they would “go to work” on their own, building on song ideas based around specific tones and tempos. From there, the music took shape collectively. Late night gatherings also fuelled their creativity. The only golden rule was that the music had to feel good. VALAIRE set out to make an album that was upbeat and joyous, hopping from funk and soul to samples and beats. The result is an all-inclusive, sing-along dance party, complete with brass, keyboards, and percussion.

For years, guest vocalists lent their voices on songs from previous albums. This time around, the group called upon Alan Prater aka “the funkiest man in Montreal” to work his soulful magic on the most of the new tracks. Some of Quebec’s most exciting new stars also appear on the album, including Fanny Bloom, Camille Poliquin (of Milk & Bone), Pierre Kwenders, Khali and Fredy V.

VALAIRE is ready for the world. The group can’t wait to take Oobopopop on the road and share their contagious and positive energy with fans, old and new.

So what’s the plan, Stan? Guess what, shake your butt. Do the Oobopopop!



VALAIRE @ Club Soda, Montréal (Live)

Valaire : Golden Rule | Festival 2017

C2 Montreal 2016 (fragmentos)

Launch party

Woody Wagon avec Alan Prater


Press photo of Valaire
photo: Philippe Arsenault

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